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Full moon Fillem up and prayers for our loved ones

The full moon occurs precisely at 10:35 p.m. EDT on April 7,

Let’s pray for global harmony safety and intelligence from our leaders. Prayer of thanksgiving and support for all medical staff globally who are on the front lines

Let’s pray for the families who have lost love ones. Let’s pray to keep all of our families and friends safe.

Let’s pray to make wise choices and follow the expected behaviors for safety, health and well-being

Get ready to open your pocketbooks, purses or wheelbarrow up to the moon and say”Fillem up, Fillem up, Fillem up .. leave something sweet like cake honey or milk as a thank you gesture. It’s a good time to center yourself with rituals, ceremony and clear intentions. . “A full moon in Libra will illuminate themes of balance, partnership, beauty and harmony, which are ruled by Libra,” Full moons are a time to look at everything in full light and make changes as needed. They can represent endings, completions or something coming to a ‘peak moment,’ where your hard work of the past six months finally pays off,” they say, adding, “or, if it doesn’t, you decide to move on!” There’s no guarantee that this moment of clarity will strike on Tuesday night exactly, though; as the AstroTwins note, the effects of a full moon are typically felt one to three days before and after the moon’s peak.

How is it affecting you and your loved ones ?

Have a blessed and safe full moon


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