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Full moon and New month of August

August’s Full Moon In Aquarius Is All About Justice

Another month, another full moon — but August 3's Full Sturgeon Moon is about to bring us some intense energy. In the sign of altruistic Aquarius, this moon, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, is asking us to seek justice and embrace change. "Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the zodiac and when it's fully lit up by the glow of the Moon, we will all seek ventures that call for us to be more in sync with the modern rhythms of society and to revel from the past and conservative beliefs That's not all. "This full moon will play out in the U.S. and the world in terms of sudden and unexpected — if not explosive — events," Hale says. She points to concern with finances, unstable political situations, and even news concerning women. "In the U.S. President Donald Trump’s chart, this full moon shows revelations, or situations that will become revealed and it's possible a health problem could surface now or in the near future as it ‘sets off’ his current transit of Uranus square natal Pluto," she says. "Pluto also deals with power struggles, bullying tactics, sex, and money." To make the most of this full moon, Live the Light says first, take a break. "Turn off your devices, step away from the chaos of the world and just be," she recommends. Relax, unwind, and take a breather. Once you've done that, it's time to calm your mind.  "Find a quiet space where you can be alone," Live the Light advises. "Breathe in gently through the nose and out through the mouth. As you inhale, affirm that peace and serenity are entering your body. As you exhale, affirm that fear, worry, and self-defeating thoughts are leaving your body." She says that this process will allow you to invite tranquility and stillness into your life — something we're all in need of after a hectic 2020. And finally, prepare to dream. "Once your mind is clear it's time to identify what you truly want," Live the Light says. "Is there a dream or goal that you have always desired to reach? Is there a relationship you want to improve? A skill you want to learn? Take a pen and paper and write it all down."  Ask yourself: What is one thing I can do now to make this dream a reality? "Once you have the answer, commit to doing so within the next two to three days and after that, add additional steps to follow throughout the month." Full moon energy can be felt two to three days before its inception and two to three days after it ends — so use these steps to take advantage of this moon, and clear your mind, quiet your emotions, and focus on long term goals.


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