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“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu

It’s important to follow your spiritual path. The word “your” is significant because everyone’s journey into self-awakening is unique. Even if you are practicing meditation, rituals, ceremonies, or you follow the same religion as a billion other African Traditionalist, Christians or Muslims, your particular life circumstances, challenges, gifts, and aspirations will make your spiritual path yours and yours alone. Along the way you must learn how to find trust in yourself – in your inner strength, courage, and inspiration.

There’s been enquirers about our classes, readings and other workshops that we offer such as Mediumship Development , SEI, Merindilogun Divination Classes, Children’s Right of Passage etc.for the year 2020. All information is on my website www.yeyefini.com


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