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First episode of 2020 of the popular “Ask Yeyefini Show”

First episode of the Ask Yeyefini Show of 2020 😎

Facebook Live!!! on Sunday 2/2/2020

7:00-8:30 EST

Honoring Olokun the energy of wealth, mystery and abundance during the month of February.

Olokun is the essence of God that governs,protects and inspires us to go deep within our conscious mind to connect to our divine unconscious mind /spiritual eye and bring about healing, clarity, wealth, peace and abundance. Olokun and Yemanja in Yorubaland are river Gods. .There are several ways to bring about community and global healing by Indigenous and African spiritual rituals, but first we should look at where and how to begin. Join us and get insight on how.

Through Community, Family and Individual Rituals .... you don’t want to miss this. I am sharing some gems... powerful rituals


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