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Find someone else to play with..... it’s ok to do so

Sometimes in the game of life, you may have to grab your bag of marbles and unapologetically find some other folks to play with 😇

Imagine looking through the windows of your childhood home. What do you see or feel?

Did you feel valued, seen and cherished or

was it painful, and still have triggers you long forgot ?

The secret to a happy life is not by brooding over the past, holding anyone accountable or responsible for your happiness.

You have the right and responsibility to heal anything that makes you feel unworthy, judged or unseen.

Today, find a place inside of yourself that is open to self healing, self acceptance, courage and self love.

Write your inner child a letter reminding you that somewhere inside of you , you always secretly knew you were a precious loved child of something bigger than yourself...look how far you’ve come.

Wholeness can be achieved through gratitude, forgiveness and self acceptance. Forgive those who you believed trespassed against you. Happiness is your birthright.

Today “Let go of the illusion and your nightmare will end”

Have a blessed new week my friend, and have fun with your marbles 😎



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