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Fillem Up time!!!

Get ready for the Full Moon Fillem Up. Ose Songo and Oya. We are making special offerings to them both and if you are in Ft Lauderdale area feel free to come to the Oya celebration. (Info on yeyefini.com)

Go ahead and make your gratitude list. Get your pocketbook, wallet, wheelbarrow, purse, suitcase ready for holding up to the moon. Say Fillem Up Fillem Up Fillem 3 times. A spiritual bath and wearing white would be a good idea.

How Rare is a Full Moon on Friday the 13th?

Because Friday the 13th only happens between one and three times a year, it’s not particularly common for the full Moon to line up with it exactly. The last time there was a full Moon on Friday the 13th was in January 2006—13 years ago—and the next won’t occur until August 2049. Needless to say, cherish it this year!

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