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Thank you friends, fans and Yeyefini family. As you know over the years I commit myself to a seasonal fruit and vegetable juice detox cleanse and rejuvenation discipline. Sometimes it’s a 14 to 60 day cleanse. Why do this some may ask. For me it’s an opportunity to renew and share with you information that you may find useful during the changing of the season, and the evolving perspective of our lives. If you are interested in the How, When, Who and What of this process, please go ahead order and download my e-book Meaningful Mondays on my website www.Yeyefini.com. You can also access all of my free videos on YouTube to learn the value and process of making spiritual herbal cleansing washes and baths to balance your aura and life force energy. Also for the first time !!! On Spotify, you can access all of my past Ask Yeyefini Show episodes from my popular Blogtalk radio Show.

The Spring Equinox detox fast is one of the best times to commit to launching a better health and wellness program for yourself. Cleaning out from winter’s incubation, cold and flu season and the availability of new fresh fruits and veggies brings you lots of support. This Super Full Moon cycle 3/9/2020 is a great time to write down exactly what’s your new intention for this new year/new season and new you. Mercury Retrograde‘s reflections and re-visit of old patterns is officially over so give yourself permission to jump start the next phase of your life. If you are seeking more in-depth spiritual assistance or analysts of your current journey, I encourage you to make an appointment today on the website for a one hour spiritual consultation/reading. My hope for you is that you will have much health, wealth wellness and Wisdom

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