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Day of rebirthing and renewal

Sunday, Domingo, Songo and Oya day. Today as we pray, sing, meditate, praise or cry as a way to connect to the divine sacred within ...remember this is Rebirthing, Renewal Season in many traditions around the world. Let’s take this time, hold space to summon the influence of a universal energy, divine law and seize our opportunity to forgive ourselves and others as we gain strength from past experiences. We have the ability, qualities and strength of god/source/Orisa to overcome all adversity. By using Oya’s winds of change to rip, tear and transform us into new being after Songo’s fire has consumed the old worn out ideas.

Tomorrow is Ose Obatala so what better time than right now to prepare for the expansion of our awareness and recommit peace. Great time for a head feeding/rogacion/cleansing. This ceremony is useful in bringing balance,calm and peace.

Ingredients: Coconut, cotton,efun/cascarilla, cocobutter, water,white cloth and a candle.(slide left to see the instructions)

Be well, be safe, be health





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