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Day 2 and 3 of the Detox Juice Cleanse

If you are new to juice fasting I highly recommend that you keep track of your juice, water and beverage intake. During the fast it’s recommended that you begin eating large green salads for 3 days to allow the body to prepare the digestive track for the juicing regime. Purchase locally grown fresh organic fruits and vegetables for the fast to maximize nutritional benefits of the body.

You may want to also consider making herbal spiritual baths/cleansing to balance the energy field and aura around you.  Take a shower or bath to remove physical grime from the body and then clean the tub before beginning your spiritual bath.

When taking a spiritual bath or rinse do not use soap, bath oils or any other ingredients.

Create baths with herbs that you know their properties and functions because each recipe attracts certain energies.

Open wounds of any kind, including surgical incisions cannot be helped by physical baths

After your tun has been cleansed, fill it with water and add the mixture. Soak for at least ten to fifteen minutes for best efficacy.

Always pray for the effectiveness, purpose,and intention of the bath.

Do not bathe with clothing.

Here are a list of easy spiritual baths. 8 white flowers, 1/2 teaspoon of florida water, tuberose oil, almond or lavender oil.

Pluck the flowers into a bucket of water as you pray and ask the divine energy of the universe to be present and assist you in accomplishing the intention of the bath.

After your shower and proceed to our at least 1/3 of the prepared wash over you if you not use the SOAKING bath.

When you have finished your bath put on white or light colored clothing 

THIS is the bath for 3 the next week days

Juice for the next 3 days: 

Juice 1

4 Granny Smith apples or graven stein apples

2 inch fresh finger, peeled

1 Meyer lemon, peeled

4 Ounces of water to dilute

Juice 2

1 cucumbers 

1 small beet

1/2 rhubarb stalk

1 apple 

1 pear

8 carrots

1 small purple top turnip

5 celery stalks 

Please spend time meditating journaling and if possible take 30 minute walks in nature 

Drink lots of water infused with fresh lemon juice 

God bless you ❤️


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