• Yeyefini

Cleansing your crystals

Sunday , Domingo, pre-full moon glow and setting intentions for the next 3 Moon cycles.

Today as we bend our knees, meditate, prostrate, bathe in water from our shrines, cleanse with incense or oils, dance, sing, read, cry, laugh, jump for joy, mourn, walk in nature or just sit in silence as a way to connect to the divine....... Remember that “A silent mind is where all possibilities are contained in seed-form waiting for the touch of intention to bring them to life”

—-Deepak Chopra—

Ceremony of the day: Gather your minerals/rocks/stones or talismans and prepare them to drink from the Harvest Moon energy on Sept 24th.

I use fathered rain water, river water and sea water to cleanse and purify/ energize my little babies 😊(gemstones)

This morning I stilled my heart with Reiki and my Oya stones/implements as I meditated in gratitude for the beauty of life... It felt very soothing ❤️

Have a blessed evening my friend


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