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Cleansing with eggs

Greetings my friends. During this Oya cycle open yourself up to receive all that good CHANGE can bring. If you are feeling gratitude and blessed then write it down every time you feel it and kiss the paper,

If you are feeling stagnant or challenge with worn out, stale perceptions, illusions about yourself, then here is a ceremony to cut right through that.

Take 9 eggs, offer them to Oya in her sacred space and ask for assistance in removing obstructions from your energy field and bring about transformation. As you say “ Just as this egg can become a chicken I ask that my life has a new birthing right now! Pass each whole eggs over your entire body ( do not break them ) and ask for 9 things you want to transform such as” fear to optimism” anger to resolve” “lack to abundance” “ illness to vibrant health” “ loneliness to joy” and so on. When you are finished throw them away in a trash can away from your home

This is Oya season to transform our life.

Have a blessed day... and keep drinking your detox 🥤 juices

Juices of the day : Tomato , string bean, kale apple juice.

Radish celery,beets, orange, watercress


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