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Sunday 3/8/2020 at 7:00 PM EST Please join the Ask Yeyefini Show Women in Power part 2 Our guest on this episode is Nzinga Oniwason of #sankofachild #yesbabyilikeitraw

Founded in 2005, her company, Sankofa’s

Child uses art to engage, build, inspire, and

heal individuals, families, and communities. The impact of her work has lead her to speak and lead professional development workshops at national and international conferences.

She has been featured in the Sun-Sentinel, Essence Magazine, Mantra Magazine,

Heart Soul Magazine, Veg News, and Art & Culture Magazine. In 2015 she was one

of Legacy Magazine's “40 under 40” honorees.

She has committed to changing the entrepreneurial landscape in Haiti as the co-founder of Impact Hub Port-au-Prince, a co-working space for social entrepreneurs to grow, thrive and connect. This project is in partnership with Facebook, Google and the United States Embassy.


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