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Blessed Sunday my friend

Sunday,Domingo, Ose Ifa, Ose Egbe, Osun. Today as we bend our knees, pour libation, cast with kolanut, pour palm oil and gin to our Ifa, attend to sacred spaces, connect in song, dance, prayer or sometime tears in memory of loved ones or even bid farewell as a way to connect to our Divine Frequency.....Let’s remember that Re-ligion connects us on a daily basis to our original state which is pure, unconditionally loving, giving, forgiving, and seeing one's self as a mirror or reflection of everything and everyone around us. Re-ligion allows us to re-member that we are children of the same God. Respect of each other's belief in their God is the true spirit of religion. The Religious Soul in modernity has become, in many cases, the most dimmed light in our evolution to higher states of consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom. Lack of true knowledge, wisdom, the power of spirit, and how to empower oneself spiritually, has allowed materialism, greed, disrespect, and dogma to create religions systems that resort to murder, enslavement, war, fear, and abuse as a vehicle for subjugating its people under the banner of "true religion." In order to find peace, love and god, the natural process would be to reconnect to your original God.

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