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Blessed Sunday Morning and Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat

Blessed Sunday,Domingo, Ose Ogun, Chinese New Year of the metal Rat and 1/26/2020=13=4 universal vibration of responsibility and hard diligent work.

Today as we bend our knees, pour libation, invoke spirit, attend to sacred spaces, cry, sing, dance, jump for joy,weep,or just sit in silence to go within, connect to our divinity.....let’s remember that every water is sacred. Give thanks to our mother’s womb water, our tears, sweat, urine, saliva, river, lake, stream or sea. Every drop of water we drink, waste, disregard, pollute ultimately we are responsible for. “ As of today” we pray for individual, global awareness and consciousness of our duty to keep mother water healthy, clean, flowing, healing, blessing all of humanity, the animal and vegetable kingdom everlastingly. Water has no enemy and will take the shape of wherever we place her.

Bless your water everyday, call your name into every glass you drink as we shift our vibration, frequency and resonance to PEACE

Have a blessed Week my friend

P.S I met this body of water on my morning walk


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