• Yeyefini

Blessed Sunday morning

Sunday, Domingo,11/3/2019=8 universal energy of completion, regeneration,newness, interconnection and interdependence. Today as we bend our knees, pray, meditate, pour libation, attend to sacred space, sing, dance, stand in silence, jump for joy, cry in release while mourning or just sit in reverence alone in nature as a way to connect to the divine within......

Remember If you stay in the familiar, stay in your comfort zone, stay in what’s easy, stay in what seems to be your normal, then you will not grow to the heights which are intended for you by God/ Source/ Universe. When things come to a stop or doors seem to shut, be grateful for the new levels, new grounds and new opportunities getting ready to burst into your life right now. God’s grace is waiting for you at your next divine assignment. It’s time to stretch, let go of people and things you’ve outgrown so you’ll see the new things god has insured for you

Have an awesome and sensational Sunday my friend.


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