• Yeyefini

Blessed NewMonth of May

Blessed New Month of May, Memorial Day, and Songo Celebration of your Royal Bloodline... You come from Kings and Queens.... thus you are as well

During the season of honoring our illustrious, brilliant, courageous, resilient ancestors.... let’s all commit to doing something special to re-member, re-connect and recognize how blessed we are to have their blood still running through our veins

The ancestral legacy handed down to you over thousands of years, carry with it the source of all of your potential to find hope when feeling despondent, happiness when you achieve what may seem like an impossibility, and laughter when you look at some of the hilarious antics of your family members.

Today I make a conscious choice to honor my ancestor’s memory by being more intentional with my words, actions and thoughts because their eyes are watching and encouraging me with pride






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