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Blessed new week

Blessed Monday, Lunes, Ose Ogun and Osossi, 4/27/2020=17=8 Universal energy 8 is an energy orientated towards carrying out what can become extraordinary if it unites with the perception of the senses and with intuition. On this Ogun and Osossi day, invoke courage, bravery, valor, qualities of spirit and conduct. Courage permits one to face extreme dangers and difficulties without fear.

Osossi is also good at uncovering that most elusive of animals — truth.Today is the 6 th day of pourin libation and setting intentions to Slow Down and allow our new truth to be revealed.

Connect to the warrior in you through meditation, the breath work and physical energetic exercise.

Hydrate with lots of water with lime or lemons, sit in the sunshine and set fire to your spirit as you create your new normal “ Remember that victory is not gotten with the multitudes of men, but with the courages of hearts, and valiantnesse of minds”

Affirmation of the day: I let body and mind act in harmony

Juice of the day: Apple, Ginger, radish

Have a meaningful Monday and a great week my friend


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