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Blessed New Moon 4/22/2020 and Earthday celebrations http://tiny.cc/earthdaylibation


New Moon 4/22/2020 and the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day Celebrations globally. During the new moon we set intentions while riding the feelings of optimism , hope and courage.

What are you setting intentions for this new moon. I am setting mine to live, seek, expect, support, what is true for me, to me, for us, for each other as human beings sharing our compassionate generous planet Earth “Awareness in itself is healing.” – Frederick Salomon Perls join me today on Zoom for the global meditation

Please join us VIRTUALLY my dear friends and Earth Family 🌍 as we honor Mother Earth

(Onile). http://tiny.cc/earthdaylibation

Have a glass or bowl of water 💦 on this very special day wherever you are globally in celebration of the 50 th anniversary of Earth Day. Let’s pray, pour libation, meditate to raise the spiritual and energetic vibration of our beautiful and generous plant MOTHER EARTH.

Please share this event with friends all over the world as we bear witness of our interconnection and interdependence as one HUMAN FAMILY. Together we can change what’s happening around us by receiving the truth, having clarity and removing the energy of fear of the unknown that can feel paralyzing. Write your prayers down to be said in your own homes/space during the meditation part of the service. We look forward to feeling and seeing your energy virtually Wednesday April 22, 2020. !!!!


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