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Blessed New Month of December of December

Blessed New Month of December

Getting close to the end of the year always brings mixed feelings for me. I am happy and hopeful for the upcoming hopefulness and freshness of the new energy; However, the conclusion of what seem like the best year ever leaves me hesitant to let go of the things I got used to as my new normal.

The Year 2020 is a master number whose vibration is to uplift humankind in the spreading of the divine plan that love is the root of all. Balance is the key to finding this gift. When your energy is in balance you’ll feel stable, raised psychic and intuitive ability. You’ll be compassionate, diplomatic, loving, selfless, wise and be a master at manifestation. When you are out of balance you’ll find it hard to concentrate, disorganized, bossy, scared or worried about life, careless and even lazy at times.

To get back in balance it’s important to do something that you enjoy, meditate, journal, balance your chakras and get spiritual advice, readings and balancing rituals.

It’s a good year to take classes or attend workshops to sharpen some of your skills as well as to get more tools to assist you maximize your possibility and probability for a phenomenal, spiritual, emotional and financial abundant year.

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During the winter solstice December 18-25th it’s a wonderful time to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit through a fruit and vegetable detox cleanse.My book Meaningful Mondays ( available on my website) has the entire process for participating in our winter solstice juice fast.

Make a list of the opportunities you missed during 2019, also the people who’s friendship you lost, or perhaps pain you are still struggling with. Burn the note on the 24th of December to release negative energy and opens the portals for attracting the energy of the 22 vibration awaiting us all in 2020.

When you burn the letter repeat “ I let go of the fantasy so that the nightmare will end “Go out there now and welcome 2020 with open arms. Have a wonderful new year and joyous holiday my friend.

Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade

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