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Blessed New Month. Live on Facebook and Blogtalk Radio today!! 8:00pm EST

Blessed new month of September. May the winds of change usher in a time of calm, safety, positive transformation, reconciliation and peace for our planet, nations, you and your loved ones . Nature is our first teacher, she invites us to flow with the rhythmic dance between night and day, hot and cold, dark and light, passive and aggressive energies as two lovers who acknowledge each other’s purpose, requirements, and respect which ultimately influences the earth’s powerful energy. It’s is now time to put away the summer freedom and prepare for winter’s colder slower season of seclusion in preparation for spring’s Vernal Equinox Let’s set a universal intention to DO more in our lives and community, BE more love in the world, HAVE more compassion as we eradicate hate, fear, cruelty, racism, and injustice

Please join me on my Facebook Live and Blogtalk Radio Tonight 8:00pm EST


Call in and press number one to speak to our guests. 310) 742-1887

Speaking on Mental Health, Transition, Grief, Divorce, , Signs of Mental Health Issues in children and adults, Spiritual manifestations verses Depression.

Why is the issue of managing transition from loss, such as divorce, grief of death, or psychological trauma, important?

How often do you see problems with transition from loss in clinical practice?

How does loss impact mental health?

Recommendations for dealing with loss.

Africans in the Diaspora and special issues with our coping strategies.



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