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Blessed month of July

During the month of July we at the Yeyefini.com and International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge, Inc family celebrate the Divine power of our mother Yemoja. The seventh month and the astrological sign of cancer ushers in the vibrational power of the mother.

In Yoruba  Cosmology the mother of the universe is known as Yemoja. She governs our ability to nurture and be nurtured by opening our childhood memories as a gateway to healing. By reflecting on our childhood memories we are able to be inspired or challenged to use these experiences in moving forward in our lives.  Yemonja is that force that ushers in healing through the tears that we shed. She is also the energy that cools the planet’s heat by the rhythmic undulation of the tides and the waning and waxing of the moon.  This is a great time to set up a sacred space in your home to assist those who may be experiencing emotional spiritual or financial challenges that may manifest as blockages. Choose the Eastern corner of your home to place your altar for spiritual issues and the North West direction for financial or physical challenges. Put seashells, sea water, blue candles,  crystals and a foto or carving of a nurturing female to the altar on top of a blue and white piece of cloth pour a libation and meditate in front of it. This is a great time to use my Yemonja Meditation Cd available on my website [click to purchase] to meditate every morning and evening for the first 21 days of the month of July. Do not be surprised if family issues surface so you can address them with tenderness, forgiveness, and compassion as Yemonja does to us. I recommend the following ceremony if you and your mom have unresolved issues (can be done for mother and offspring issue as well ).https://youtu.be/r4Jm1iqazjQ During your Yemoja meditations visualize your mother sitting on your lap as if she was your child, then alternate the next day’s meditation of you sitting on her lap, then continue alternating each day. This is a powerful ceremony which I have used for healing issues with my own mother and my children. After your daily meditation, set aside 10 minutes to journal the clarity that will show up in your mind, body, and spirit as inspiration and joy. For a deeper experience make a spiritual bath with Jasmin, lavender, mint leaves or essentials oils and a little Efun. Pour the mixture over your head and body as a final wash as you say “ Love recognizes no barriers, my true self is inspired and wise” You can also take bluing balls and add water to it, place under your bed for deeper dreams. Please listen to my Blogtalk radio episode where our guests are priestesses of Yemonja. Be blessed and encouraged my friend during this month of July. Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade 


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