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Blessed Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy

Clyde Brown Roach who has been one of the elevated ancestors who lift me up continually.

Blessed Father’s Day to each and every father, grandfather, step father, uncle, brother, son who have been blessed with children, grandchildren, godchildren, bonus children, and adopted children. Your task was/is an important one. You came to inspire, encourage, hold up, provide and support us all . I know it sometimes wasn’t easy and even very trying and challenging at times, however somehow you made a difference and changed the world. You sometimes didn’t know yourself how to be a father because you weren’t shown on your own journey how to. “We mirror what we see or not see” Some of you were a disappointment, a pain deep cut within our soul, but you know what, we learned from you none the less. Thanks to all the fathers who have helped me learn, grow, forgive myself and others as I continue to make sense of this life journey I chose to return to earth to use as an evolution of my soul.

Be blessed today and always our beloved fathers, the half of who we chose to come through this incarnation to be, do have





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