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Be the lighthouse and you will have a lighthouse when you need one

In honor of Olokun cycle

Teaching Tuesday.

Each of us is created with an inherent brilliant light with limitless power. It's up to us how brightly we want to share that light. The more brightly we let that light shine to brighten the world, the more love joy, abundant life we will have when we are balanced. The best way to be balanced is to share that light. The light within can never be diminished, only dimmed when we don't share it...Today be the "Light Therapy", flashlight, flood light or candle for someone....and watch how someone or something reminds you how powerful, valuable and cherished you are.

“Be the lighthouse for someone and you will always have a lighthouse shine for you when you are in need of encouragement, assistance and peace.”

Spiritual Bath of the day: 🚿 💦 Add add water from the river, lake, sea, canal, brook, or bay to a bucket of water and use if throughout the week as your final rinse water after your shower and you will energize your aura to gravitate such a high frequency that you will feel unstoppable from any opposing forces you may experience this week.

Have a Blessed day my friend

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