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August...time to celebrate Obatala

Alafia Blessed new month of August my friend  I am always excited when the month of August rolls around. It's my birth month as well as the anniversary of my ordination/initiation into the Priesthood of Orisa African Spiritual practices. 

This is a good time to set up an altar to Obatala as a place where you can sit quietly and receive insights from your own head/mind/consciousness how to better find solutions and a sense of peace.  You can enhance this sacredness by choosing one day a week to wear white  clothes as a commitment to spreading the power of peace and love in the world  Find a place in your home that you can make sacred by putting a small table covered with a white cloth. Add to it a photo of Obatala (available on the internet)  You can add figurines, of elephants, an old man or woman. You can add a white candle, a bowl of water, a bowl of cotton,  8 small white balls of efun/cascarilla and 8 small stones. Commit to a daily practice of meditation during August. (You can use my Cd Obatala available on my website or Cd baby) You can add food offerings such as rice pudding, bread soaked in milk, meringue or cooked mashed white yam. Have blessed and peaceful celebration to your Obatala


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