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Ask Yeyefini Show Live on Facebook

Blessed weekend my peoples!!

Please join me tomorrow for my ASK YEYEFINI Show on Facebook with genealogist Obatala priestess and reiki master Iyalosa Efunlayo Maxey

I will be Honoring Family History Month

My First time Live “Ask Yeyefini Show “ on Facebook

You don’t wanna miss this episode. My guests and I will be discussing

1) What is family

2)The different dynamics of the “modern day” family

3) New definitions of family

4) What’s the blessings and challenges you may sometimes encounter when embracing a different spiritual practice from your family tradition

5) Re-definition of Family as global citizens.

6) How to use spiritual practices to enhance the connection to family and community

SEE you Sunday 11/3/2019 at 8:00 EST

Be blessed ❤️


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