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12:00 Am and 12:00 Pm

WE ARE ONE DIVINE FAMILY... Invocation and Prayer for success and healing of each other and the world in 2020

From Fire in The Soul p 186. Joan Borysenko

LET’S USE THIS PRAYER FOR THE FIRES IN AUSTRALIA Tonight at 12:00 Am Tomorrow at 12:00 pm and again tomorrow night at 12:00 am

Pour a libation, invoke Spirit, meditate and visualize our beautiful planet healed, cool and generous.

“May I be at peace. May I know the beauty of my own true nature. May my heart remain open. May I be healed.” Call to mind one or several friends or loved ones in as much detail as you can…...See them in the circle of light and focus on them with great respect and love…...

“May you be at peace. May you know the beauty of your own true nature. May your heart remain open. May you be healed.”

Call to mind one or more people that you feel in conflict with. See them standing in the light……

“May you be at peace. May you know the beauty of your own true nature. May your heart be open. May you be healed. {See our delicate planet, suspended like a jewel in the velvet blackness of space. Her white clouds, blue waters, and green continents…… Imagine her fiery core, majestic mountains, plants, and animals……a living, breathing being of light} “May there be peace on earth. May the hearts of all beings be open to one another. May all life reach its fullest potential. May all life reflect the glory of the light.” Once again, feel yourself surrounded, enfolded and illuminated by the circle of light……If there is anything in your heart that you need to say to God, do so now……

Dear One, Father/Mother of All, thank you for the gift of


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