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Ore IIask (Friends of the Institute)

The Ore IIask Membership Program is for those who want to gain a spiritual focus and guide their spiritual routine, spiritual research development—at the same time, continuing to grow with thought-provoking content in a balanced and holistic African centered community headed by Iyalode Yeyefin Efunbolade, her knowledgeable staff of priests and priestesses.

Join the membership if you want to live a more African spiritual intentional, intuitive ancestral connected life. Have fun developing your spiritual self. 

We will be hosting classes such as: 

  1. Like What/Who is Ori? 

  2. What is IFA? And How to erect a sacred space/personal altar? 

  3. Consecrated v. Non-consecrated: Orisha, Ancestors, and other Altars

  4. OBI Divination and Communication with the Ancestors 

  5. Initiation, Worship, 

  6. Being a part of a spiritual community.

  7. Finding a Priest, Building mutual relationships with Teacher/Godparent 

  8. And many other classes 

  9. A stream of new materials solely created by Iyalode Yeyefini, exclusively for members, based on a rotating monthly theme and the media libraries' educational resources, a monthly live class with Iyalode Yeyefini. 

  10. With the ability to ask questions and learn from your own home's comfort. ·

  11. You gain exclusive access to Iyalode Yeyefini with live Monthly Q&A Sessions with Iyalode Yeyefini 

  12. You also get exclusive content from well-trained Priests that are part of the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge.

  13. Exclusive Email prompts & updates from Yeyefini throughout the Month

  14. Discount code offers for the online store

  15. Readings and Coaching with Yeyefini when available

  16. And more free exclusive member bonus offers

We so look forward to seeing you inside the Ore IIASK friends. 


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note: Membership fees are and auto-renewing fee, and you can set up the auto-renewal to cancel at any time you wish. To cancel: you will need to log in to your Membership Account profile to change your subscription status. 


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