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Youth Rights of Passage Classes and Retreat with

Every society has a way of allowing individuals within that society to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. The people of Africa (Yoruba in this case) have six (6) major graduations known as Rites of Passage (ROP). They are birth, 7 years old, formal education, career, marriage, parenting, and death.                                               

This ROP program established by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade in 1992 is geared towards preparing the youth with vital knowledge, systems, tools and power to enable them to know their rights and responsibilities as they enter into adulthood. The students will be taught how to go within and face their emotions and respond to those emotions by creating solutions through guidance from the inner self.

The ROP will allow the youth to address and mobilize against some of the negative effects they face as teens.

This experience will give them the tools to avoid the use of drugs, liquor, and other forms of addiction that are very prevalent in today’s society and teen culture.


Rights of Passage Classes

  • Introduction to African Spirituality

  • Introduction to Ritual & Ceremony

  • Introduction to Ancestor Reverence

  • Introduction to Obi Divination

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • Introduction to Yoruba Cosmologics

  • Journaling as a Tool for Spiritual Growth


There are a total of 7 classes for a total of $315.00 ($35.00 each). Class fee must be paid

 in full in advance.  Your child may attend class via webcam or in person if in South Florida.

Send class payment via PayPal with email address Be sure to include 

child's full name and parents name. 


Ages: Males and females ages 12 to 18 

2020 Class dates: one or two Sunday’s per month from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm beginning February 9, 2020 additional class dates TBA.  Registration deadline is February 1, 2020

The Youth Rights of Passage Retreat  

  • ROP retreat prerequisites…..

  1. Youth must have completed the 7 ROP classes. 

  2. 2)Parent participation is required please see the parent section for details.


  • Tuition per youth:  $600.00 

  • 2020 Retreat date:  July 2020 specific dates and location TBA with parent input.

  • Female and male youth will attend the retreat during the same dates but classes and activities will be conducted separately

  • Tuition includes housing, food. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the retreat site.


It’s important for parents to complete the retreat registration and payment no later than the fifth class session. We must have a minimum of 7 youth to confirm the retreat dates.

The graduation ceremony fee is extra and will be determined by the group. 

ROP Retreat Class Topics

v  Family History & History of our people.

v  Health & Nutrition

v  Spiritual growth, meditation, and stress relief.

v  Endurance and physical bonding.

v  Value, clarity, and future plans.

v  Housekeeping and finance.

v  Time management and organizational skills.

v  Understanding spirituality.

v  Self-realization- completion.




Parents are required to participate by attending an orientation meeting and taking a condensed 3 hour overview of the seven ROP introductory classes. Those parents who have taken the SEI classes are exempt from the class overview. Parents are also expected to assist with planning and preparation for the graduation ceremony. 

 Overview class date and time TBA.

Parent class overview tuition is $97.00.

The parent orientation meeting will be via webcam.







About Yeyefini

Yeyefini Efunbolade has been an ordained Ifa (Yoruba) Priest/Shaman for over 48 years. She practices and teaches traditional African rituals and ceremonies. Yeyefini is a vivacious, charismatic, bilingual (English/Spanish) African spiritual Life Coach/Counselor, author, teacher, and lecturer. She has used the training received from her travels around the world to create a unique fusion of healing modalities from various indigenous spiritual systems. She performs naming, re-naming ceremonies and weddings. Yeyefini ordains (initiates) and trains African Spiritual Life Coaches (Priests) all over the world in traditional African medicine, divinations, and metaphysical systems. Her notoriety as a successful Self Empowerment (Rights of Passage) Series Facilitator is worldwide; she has developed a dynamic and effective curriculum and lecture series.

ROP Testimonials  


*In looking back from the time that my two sons participated in IIASK Youth ROP to now, I feel that it definitely helped to reinforce our family's value of responsibility and commitment to self, family and community.  I doubt that they thought of it that way, but in wanting some of the privileges associated with manhood, they knew that they had to exhibit behaviors that showed that they were deserving of some privileges that they wanted.  They also held themselves in respect amongst their peers, respected their peers, and would "call out" their peers when respect was not returned. They would understand that some of their peers didn't know about themselves, who they were and whose they were.  ROP also reinforced reverence of the Afrikan tradition in our home, and was yet another vehicle for them to embrace the notion that it's perfectly fine to be different from mainstream society and still be able to function in mainstream society. It gave them a confidence of who they are as Afrikan men and what they need to do as Afrikan men, still going back to responsibility to self, family and community in the areas of health (even if not for themselves all the time, at least for their children); knowing the difference between religion and spirituality and the importance of a relationship with God; knowing what they wanted as a career and sticking with what they needed to do in order to attain it; putting into action al the practice they had with housekeeping (finances were trial and error).  I believe they realize that they are still evolving, due to their young ages, but ROP gave them a foundation. Alanla Jackson

*My ROP experience has tremendously made a positive impact in my life.  Out of all the activities and learning that I went through during my ROP process, the most important (to me) was gaining a connection with myself and MY creator.  Having a relationship with a higher being has propelled me to where and who I am today. ROP is still one of the best times of my life! All people should and need to go through a ROP.      Kayode Living



Youth Rights of Passage Outline for Parents


Session 1- Initiation to Obatala (Ausar)- 

Objective: Unity or Unification.

Objective Statement: Enhance knowledge about the black family through the history of our people from ancient African times to the present with emphasis on the initiate’s own immediate family and lineage.


Session 2- Initiation to Orisa Oko (Geb).  

 Objective:  Health and Nutrition.  

Objective Statement: Impact knowledge on how and why to keep yourself healthy through proper nutrition, exercise, meditation and rest.


Session 3 – Initiation to Yemonja (Auset). 

Objective: Spiritual awakening, spiritual health, and empowerment. Spiritual growth, meditation, stress relief.  Foods and their emotional effects/impact.

Objective Statement:  Understanding the first seven (7) years of our lives, including the role trauma, abuse, emotional, emotional pain and the power that one receives from spiritual awakening and empowerment as it relates to emotional wellness.


Session 4 Initiation to Elegba (Sebek)

Objective: Self Determination and Communication

Topic: Endurance and Physical Bonding

Objective Statement: Fortify an understanding of the success that comes from physical and psychological endurance and fraternal bonding.

Session 5 Initiation to Oshun (Het Heru)

Objective: Cooperation and Harmony

Topic: Value, Clarity, Future Plans

Objective Statement: Increase the knowledge and understanding of self by examining and clarifying one’s values as well as analyzing the importance of planning for the future.


Session 6 Initiation to Songo (Heru)

Objective: Economic Development

Topic: Time Management and Organizational Skills

Objective Statement: Attain knowledge and skill in managing time, understanding the will, and completing tasks.


Session 7 Initiation to Ogun (Herukhuti)

Objective: Purpose

Topic: Housekeeping and Finance

Objective Statement: Attain knowledge of household cleanliness, repairs, and financial matters.


Session 8   Initiation to Olokun ( Maat & Tehuti)

Objective: Spirituality

Topic: Understanding Spirituality

Objective Statement: Attain through recognition of who we are, how and why to seek spiritual food for strength.


Session 9     Initiation to Obatala, Oya, Babaluaiye (Ausar & Sekert)

Objective: Self Realization – Completion

Topic: Understanding one’s Divinity

Objective Statement: Attain knowledge of their own divinity and the interrelationship and interdependency of everything and everyone on earth. Ultimately, develop the expression of one’s true divine self by learning about and receiving divination.




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