Classes for Children


1.  Yoruba Cosmology for children

A. Orisha (art) crafts

B. Implements

C. Stories & Songs

D. Meditation

E. Divination

F. Finance for Children


2.  Tree of Life & Financial Wealth Workshops (Rekel & Yeyefini)


3.  Mediumship Training Classes -

  • “How to trust what you feel, see or hear - the spirit angel”

  • “How to set a successful table to come in contact with spirits"

  • “Manifesting the Spirits”


4.  Sociology of the Yoruba

A. Role of Men cycle

B. Role of Women cycle


5.  Is God in you or in the stones?


6.  Basic Understanding of African Worship

  • “The true meaning of Vodou/Santeria (it’s not what you think)


7.  So you think you want a baby

A. Preparing for the journey of parenthood

B. Letting our children raise us - tapping into the teaching potential of our children


8.  Destiny Series

A. Reincarnation objective

B. Karma

C. 12 Test of Life


9.  Building a Stronger Community

A.. Family Values

a) Balancing Spirituality in a Relationship

b) Succeeding with different beliefs in a relationship

c) Courtship - success in choosing a mate

d) Marriage - spiritual consultation, marriage contract, premarital counseling and wedding celebrations


B. Parenting

a) Nurturing your Child’s Spiritual Destiny in a single parent and 2 parent household - How to honor God

b) How to create a strong support system

c) Role of the Man in raising a family

d) Role of the Woman in raising a family


C. Spiritual Power of the Family

a) Historical value of the name, birth, and mission on earth


D. Separation, Divorce, and Death

a) The Power of Forgiveness

b) Claim your peace and let it go

c) Reframing the meaning of death


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