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2019 Spiritual Forecast by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade

Blessed New Year my devoted YEYEFINI.COM followers!


Over the past 30 plus years, I have shared the Annual Spiritual Forecast that I conduct on January 1. I share with love and respect for the ancient traditions and heritage of the Ifa Global Spiritual practice. 


Below is the transcript to listen to The Annual Forecast of the year for The World, The USA, and the Diaspora for 2019.

Yeyefini’s Spiritual Consultation of the Year 2019


For the World


Think with your head and not your feet. Where the hole was first dug.


Odi Irosun


Obara Gunda


Osa Di Arun


Ogbe Se


The universal energy and vibration of 2019 will support self-expression with laughing, joy, faith, dancing, romance, creativity, healing, and abundance.  This type of freedom does come with responsibility. For you to be successful in achieving your highest goals this year, you must set your intention, procedure and plan by recognizing and including the presence and power of spirit, faith, serenity, poise, and joy.  Your health, family, work environment, finance, and future plans will be enhanced considerably through the invocation of spirit through prayer, meditation, libation or any other spiritual practice to connect with spirit.

Be mindful when experiencing sadness, challenges with family and other loved ones to consider the other person’s feelings in your delivery. This year we may find old emotional wounds left unhealed that may be triggered by unexpected events that can lead to impulsive actions without clear forethought. Look deeply into the resources you have to retrace wealth, power and courage you forgot you had at your disposal. Be careful going into unknown buildings, locations or excavations. By helping those who are in difficult situations or circumstances can be a blessing to us all This is a time for us to see the world differently and act upon what we think will be a positive light in mankind’s evolution

 Meditation, introspection, and a clear mind will allow you to be calm in the midst of opposition. Gather information before proceeding impulsively during conflict resolution.  If you are in Ifa tradition, you may consider a rogation or head feeding often. Bless your head every day, by putting a small amount of water in your hand and touch your forehead while saying, “I bless my head (Ori). I thank my Ori for supporting me today.  I bless my Ori for accompanying me to earth. I bless my Ori for decisions that I will make and my Ori will assist me “.Make sacred time to self-nurture and celebrate small and large accomplishments. Wear a parrot feather on your head if you want to recoup what was once taken from you

Take extra care of Osun shrines, Ogun Shrines and Yemonja shrines with dedication and discipline

Abara Gunda: Through my own hands and efforts, I made myself King.


With some of the chaotic, negative, violence and strife that is seen in the world today, we should not become complacent or feed into the energy with fear.  The more long-lasting and successful outcome would be for each and every individual to be a voice, or action towards peaceful, loving change in our society. One or two nations coming together could cause a tremendous disruption in the flow of peace in the world.  Being active in your community, socially and politically and standing for what you know can be a greater way of disarming hate and bringing about collaborative, positive change for the world. In the midst of an argument, make a commitment to be the one with the coolest head. We do not want war, we want peace.  Choose love over being right should be the proverb of the year. Collaboration, inclusion and understanding the power of interconnectivity will help to bring about greater healing in our lives for our future, the future of our children and the planet. Pay attention to your dreams.

Osa Di-

Two big noses cannot kiss. Avoid giving ego more credit than it’s due. Global leaders could best serve by being willing to compromise, by amicable solutions instead of force, bigotry, and delusions of grandeur. We have to find a way to come to the table of brotherhood.


Ejionle Ose-

Liar and problem causer.  Liars bring revolution. There may be major exposure to lies and deceit that can affect us globally.

Be mindful of what you are doing and know the responsibility that goes with each decision you make.  Be very vigilant and mindful all the type of things you may see or do and what is around you. There may be some new innovations in tracking individuals globally and it could be disclosed this year that violate your privacy.   Be careful with your online transactions being compromised.

If you are in the Ifa tradition, take care of Ogun this year.  Make sure that Ogun is oiled and fired up with lots of liquor and palm oil so that your machinery will be running well. Be cautious when coming in and out of your home.




For the US


Ejionle Di

Irie (ruling) 


Irosun Ose



Ejionle Meji



Ejoko Ejunle



Ogunda Ejionle

Tesi Tesi


Giving thanks to Obatala.  Give may offerings to Obatala. Pray for this nation.  Pray for cool heads. Pray for the leadership that we want and desire.  


Ejionle Di- Liar and problem causer


Irosun Ose Irie-

The dead are going around in circles, looking for someone to grab.


Ejionle Meji-

Inseparable friends who fight.


Ejoko Ejionle- A king whom they want to dethrone by violence.  One who is born for the head does not have to be in the tail. Don’t kill rats.

Obatala and Yemoja.  The way to keep calm in the midst of chaos is to always keep your head clean and refreshed.  Know what you are fighting for before you go into a fight. Always find a peaceful way of avoiding confrontation.  America is up for some surprises that are going to turn to be very powerful and positive. The direction of the leadership will change.  The conflicts and ideas will shift to a more positive way. It is encouraged to have an Obatala flag outside and inside the house, to bring the energy of peace.  Things will be exposed and confidence in a positive direction that we are heading will grow. Cover your doors with plants and greenery to protect from negative and intrusive possibilities. Ceremonies to the earth are advised. Offerings of sweet oranges can be given to Oshun to bring love and abundance to the family. Continue to use divination to find solutions and advise with major issues that you may be facing

The ancestors are grateful for the many services and ceremonies that have been done invoking the spirits of those who were wronged. Expect positive things for the black and the brown people.    This is a time to up the level in veneration, higher. Learn and teach new ways of honoring the ancestors globally in traditional and spiritual rituals and ceremonies. Whenever we come together as a community for anything, we must call on the ancestors first, visibly, unapologetically without shame and doubt.  Example, when we come together for a graduation, wedding, wake, or anniversary, we should take the opportunity to honor the ancestors in a ceremony.  America has the opportunity to be a global example of unity, peace, and power.  

People have to stop being complacent and be more active.  You can be political by just quietly doing what you are doing.  You can encourage people to use the power of the ballot, your voice, and presence.  Support the people who are doing the things that need to be done. We have to stay woke, active and supportive in any way you can.  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Find the way to make your voice heard, through letters, blogging, talking with people to help them see a different way, and working in the background of a campaign of someone you believe in.  Everyone has to find their own way to be heard.

Take action..act as if you are fed up not despondent. 

Put up a white flag. Take a lot of Obatala baths.  Commit one day a week to doing the things you need to do personally in your healing.  Plan, think and strategize your life, not just to get up and give the power over to someone else.   Be proactive in your own success or failure.



For the African Diaspora



Irosun Ejionle


Osa odi 

Osha Meji

Otonowa Ejionle

  The diaspora will continue to realize much success because of the revolutionary healers and teachers of African spiritual practices.  Some types of workshops and summits venerating the ancestors will bring immense power, hope, and prosperity. We have been blessed by the ancestors and we should not take them lightly. We are going to hear many powerful revelations and accomplishments in the African diaspora.  Teachers and elders must teach and pass on knowledge. Use modern technology to find and research more about the rich heritage of Africa. Finding a way of healing personally and culturally can be of great use. There must be a focus on healing. African principles and nationalism have been useful in bringing about unity in the diaspora community, continue to do so to leave a rich legacy to our children. We are more successful today than we were 10 years ago as it pertains to visible African spiritual practices, in spite of what it looks like.  It is time for us to establish more schools and write curriculum to teach teachers and the students, the value of African Spirituality, Psychology, and Sociology in the healing and redemption of the torn cloth of mother Africa. The ancestors are grateful for the many global ceremonies to the oceans and rivers. It is time for the Africans in the diaspora to speak, act and demand respect, and inclusion on a spiritual global platform. All the work and movies that the young people are doing about the ancestors and their plight must continue


Irosun Ejionle- It is time for us to move from the fringes of success as a race and walk boldly into the legacy left by our ancestors from ancient Egypt until today. It's time to come out of the shadows.  We owe it to ourselves and ancestors to continue the honoring and sharing of our traditions and culture with respect, honesty, integrity, generosity, and love. The more we teach the more people will have values for the knowledge.




  Continue doing larger and greater ancestral reverence, venerations, workshops, seminars, parties, anniversaries, rituals and teaching it