Readings 2016

Reading/ Spiritual Forecast of the year for 2016 conducted by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade on January 1, 2016

The World 2016

6-3         He who does not want the soup must eat three bowls.

9-7 +

4-7         otonwa

9-4         kotojale

·        Ala adimu 6-3 to Elegba 2 coconuts covered with white cloth, water and candles. Leave for 3 days then take to crossroads and break.

·        Put a maroon colored flag at your door to honor Oya protections from change, fires, and explosions.

·        This is a year of major changes in life, weather patterns, heat waves and lightning strikes. Be mindful of fires at home. Property insurance is a good idea.

·        Women will have a visible power in changing the world.

·        Meditation, self control and appreciating & viewing the bigger picture when we face challenges can minimize the energy of erupting tempers, confusion, and misunderstanding.

·        Financial picture looks good for entrepreneurs, inventors and creative genius. We will see many new innovations in technology, science and health. The spirit of compassion for other will encourage many people to donate and organize for the development of new philanthropic causes.

·        Feed your Ori so that the prayers that you made last year that didn’t manifest will be manifested this year.

·        Be straight don’t betray each other.

·        Take care of automobiles. Service them and be careful when driving distracted.

·        Be mindful and take care in your homes and businesses as it pertains to fire and explosions.

Reading for the USA 2016

4-13        Where illness is born blood is bad.

8-6 +

7-6         ariku

8-9         mojale

6-5         closed

·        G homage to Obatala for cool heads.

·        Don’t be negligent with your health. Be careful of bacterial infections and outbreaks of sores.

·        Unexpected things will come up with our local and national administration which may seem catastrophic but will be a blessing resolving major issues for change in policies.

·        The nation will have an opportunity and appreciation for the current administrations success nationally once many things are revealed and truths come out.

·        Ebo must be done periodically this year for a better end and the leaders will be wise and govern with more humanity than political ideology.

·        Ebo/Ritual of a rooster, palm oil, honey, salt, gin, kola nut to Esu periodically this year.


 Africans In the Diaspora

11 – 7    Extend your hand as far as it will reach, you have done too much.

7-7 –

3-10       arun

6-5         elese Orisa

6-5         Esu

5-5         closed

·        8-6 take care of Esu on a daily basis, prayer, worship appeasement. All the efforts and cries are very powerful but it’s not getting the job done.

·        Ebo to the ancestors to open the path.

·        We will be forced to see the benefit and value in changing perspective of who you are culturally and globally, at home and abroad.

·        Be mindful of accidents with your legs and feet.

·        Think before you speak and act because it could put you in danger or a life altering circumstance.

·        The key words here this year are family, community and racial soul.

·        If you are not part of the solution then you are the problem.

·        We have lost ground as a community and a people personally and collectively because some of us have not respected ourselves and so we have not commanded respect from others.

·        Need to take stock in what we want personally so we can look at what we want collectively.

·        We must have family rituals and Ogun celebrations not just family reunions to affirm family values, and traditions. Taking family oaths and forming strong alliances with each other will allow us to connect to ancestral assistance and grace.

·        We must be clear if we want to fight for something that is important then be clear on our motives because Ogun and the ancestors are holding vigil  for the Africans in the Diaspora and we must be on the same page for healing to take place.

·        When you see a spirit dancing on water ,the drummer is surely under the water.(Whatever is occurring externally in your life is a manifestation of what is happening internally.)

·        Our efforts have not been able to manifest last year simply because the leadership is not clear on what to do, how they are doing and what they want. In order to have a strong and successful voice in making changes in our community we must have a clear, organized intention that can redirect our aim and purpose. By doing ebo and seeking the guidance and support of the ancestors and Irunmole the African in the Diaspora will be victorious.

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