Invitation to annual monthly pilgrimages to Ile-Ife 2017

The presidential election of November 2016 I think caught some people by surprise. I try not to get involved in politics, however this election brought some important perspective to me as to the importance of realizing that bigotry, sexism, prejudice and injustice is still prevalent in what we thought was “The American Dream”
One would think that after 400 years after the emancipation of slavery that things would have changed for the better for the poor, people of color and those who seek mutual respect and coexistence in these United States. When I periodically watch the news or read about the surprising and alarming rate in which violence is being raged against people of African descent I am forced to ask myself “Why is this still happening ”
Why do victims of violent crimes by the police still have to prove themselves innocent under the law instead of proving themselves not guilty. As a grandmother of African descent I am concerned as to what will we leave as a legacy to the future generations of brown and black children. I realize that until the African in the diaspora knows the importance of looking to their culture, embracing tradition and heritage of their ancestors for solutions; they are at a risk of continuing to be the victims of a racist, intolerant violent society which was built by the enslavement subjugation and oppression of people of Africa.
It’s time to come home, dispel the myth about Africa and witness the amazing heritage still in tact and ready for you to reconnect, contribute to your ancestral heritage legacy and glorious race.
Be a part of the wave of new opportunity for cultural and financial investments in the worlds richest continent. Africa is for many the “Sleeping Giant” when it comes to land, agriculture, minerals and mental ingenuity.
I invite you to join me throughout the year 2017 as I join the Oonirisa ( his name here)in launching Ile Ife as a cultural tourist center. Become a part of the fast growing annual, cultural, historical and religious pilgrimages in Ile-Ife the Source according to the Yoruba people as the birth place of mankind and civilization.
Here are the tentative monthly schedules to help you plan ahead.

Jan – Oshoosi/ Obatala Festival,
Feb – Aje festival. March – Oranmiyan Festival.
Apr -Olokun Festival.
May – Osara Festival.
Jun – Orunmila/Ifa festival.
Jul – Ooyelagbo festival.
Aug – Elesinje/Osanyin festival. September – Olojo festival.
Oct – Edi/Moremi festival.
Nov – Oramfe/ Sango festival.
Dec – Oduduwa and Obalufon festival.

There are also academic programs available for those interested in personal spiritual initiations, those who want to perhaps enhance their training, invest in cultural,spiritual education or financial investment and business growth. The time is ripe to come back to Africa to be the change you want to see. ” The only people to save black people are black people”
I look forward to hearing from you, seeing you under the African sky as I assist you in ” Coming Back Home”
To the rich heritage of Oduduwa the father of all the Yoruba people
For more info:
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fullsizerenderPlease join me on my Blogtalk Radio show “Ask Yeyefini” Sunday November 6, 2016 from 5:00-6:30 EST Call (310) 742-1887 to speak with us
Our guest will be the Ooni of Ile-Ife’s wife Olori Queen Wuraola Ogunwusi. Her work to inspire young women and girls is changing not only Ile ife but the entire world…
Effortlessly beautiful and highly intelligent, the Olori has shown time and time again a penchant for humanitarian & philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping children, women and young people to lead healthy and productive lives.
Even though she has no political power as the wife of the highest monarch in Yoruba land, Olori Wuraola has set up The Queen of Ile-Ife Foundation, an organization that focuses on Education, Cultural Development, Poverty, Healthcare Intervention, and Enterprise Empowerment.  Via this foundation, one can see she is touching the lives of many positively.
The Olori is a highly educated woman. She is an alumnus of The European School of Economics. And she later went on to establish her career as a real estate developer and Investor- involved in developments both in the Middle East and Africa.



An invitation to attend the Self Empowerment Intensive (SEI)
July 14 – 18, 2017 in Beautiful South Florida
Alafia, We are pleased to announce the 18th annual Self Empowerment Intensive.
The Self Empowerment Intensive (SEI) is a four day spiritual uplifting experience facilitated by the Director Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade and her trained priests and mediums. You will be guided through Ancient Healing Traditional African Ceremony and celebration to allow you to witness the power of spirit as you heal personal, trans generational imbalances in family and relationships. Through this process you will feel your ancestors and spirit guides sometimes for the first time, as they heal, empower, and ultimately impact your life choice process considerably. You will uncover many of the spiritual, emotional, and psychological blocks and or challenges that have at times dis-empowered, angered, and immobilized you. A renewed sense of wholeness and spiritual shift will be guaranteed as you take home skills, experiences and gifts from your ancestor and guides.
Dates: July 14 – 18, 2017 in beautiful South Florida
Prerequisite: Completion of the Level I Self Empowerment Classes (7 classes).
If you have already taken any of these classes contact us to verify completion and determine cost of your retreat experience based on the number of classes you have completed. For questions email or 954-612-0627.
Level II classes are required and will be scheduled just prior to the retreat, the cost is included in your SE location.
Price: $1,000.00 which includes level I and level II SE classes, lodging, meals for four days and all rituals/ceremonies. Tuition deadline is June 1, 2017.
Payments: Payments may be made via paypal to or cashiers check made payable to IIASK, Inc and mailed to P.O. 223371, Hollywood , Fl. 333020. Please include name, address, email address and indicate payment is for SEI.
Cancellation Policy: A non-refundable $300.00 deposit is due by February 15, 2017 to secure your attendance.Cancellation deadline is May 1, 2017.
Refund policy: Monies refunded minus the $300. non refundable deposit, allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing your refund.
Transportation: Each participant is responsible for their own transportation to and from the site.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-419-5848 and see you in South Florida
Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade

Mediumship Training 2016 -17
If you have ever felt energy shift around you manifesting through chills, goose bumps, sudden heat or cold then you are highly developed.
We are all intuitive; some of us hear, some of us see, some of us feel, and some of us dream as a way of receiving messages from the non physical world. We are all mediums. Ceremony is actually like ritual. It’s like communications with the spirit world or picking up the telephone. When you have ritual, what you are actually doing is opening up your electromagnetic vibration to accept balance. As a medium you are a vehicle that carries information, knowledge, clarity and wisdom from the spirit world.
This 7 month course is designed to guide you, assist you in opening your portals, and enhancing your spiritual sight to receive the messages from the spirit world and the ancestors.
Mediumship Development Classes: 3rd Sunday of each Month from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST
November 20, 2016 until May 21, 2017 (Tele-Conference)
Tuition: $239.00 for the series of classes. The full amount must be paid in advance.
Registration ends November 13, 2017. Spaces are limited. We must have a minimum of 10 paid participants to begin the class so register right away.
Fees may be paid via PayPal to When making your payment please include your name, address, email address and phone number.
Upon completion of the mediumship course you will be eligible to attend the weekend retreat with our very experienced instructors.
Weekend Retreat: August 18, 19 & 20, 2017 in fabulous Dania Beach, Florida.Mediumship Development Classes: 1st Sunday of each Month from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
November 20, 2016 until May 21, 2017
Tuition: $34.00 per class or $239.00 for series.
Log in Info will be given upon registrationPurchase Here!


Yeyefini Efunbolade, Director

Self Empowerment Classes

The International Institute of Afrikan Studies and Knowledge Inc. offers a series of classes on African Spirituality. Through these classes you will learn techniques that will be useful in uncovering the secret to your healing, wellness and peace. 

If you have already taken any of these classes contact us to verify completion. For questions email or 954-612-0627.

See the class schedule below.

Self Empowerment Class Descriptions:

Introduction to African Spirituality: Introduction to the world view of the culture, tradition and sociology from an African perception.   

Introduction to Rituals: Introduction of how to create balance, shift energy and harmony in your life by using elements of nature. How, when and where to use offensive and defensive rituals for safety and success in one’s life

Introduction to Ancestor Reverence: Introduction to the power of your ancestors, personal guides and the value of communicating with them. How to create and maintain a sacred space for Ancestors

Introduction to Coconut (Obi) Divination: Learn to use coconut shell divination and Obi Kola nut as a tool for gaining insight by communicating and interacting with spirit.

Introduction to Meditation: Introduction to the practice of raising one’s consciousness for the purpose of achieving self-mastery. Through breathing, visualization and intention you witness your connection to spirit.

Journaling as a Tool for Spiritual Growth – This class will cover all aspects of journaling as a tool for spiritual growth and enlightenment by examining journal entries and using the information to determine practical real life applications.

Introduction to Spiritual Cosmologies:  An introduction to the understanding of who we are as human beings, who and what God is, and the plan used to guide individuals to their true destinies here on earth. How to use colors, gems, phases of the moon, days of the week, months of the year as a way to magnetize your everyday life experiences.

For more information on registration and scheduling of the Self Empowerment classes, please contact Efunlayo via phone at 954-612-0627 or email at

Class Fees are $60.00 per 2 hour class. Pay in advanced for a 15% discount for a total  discount cost of $357.00

If you decide to take both the Mediumship training class and the SEI class, you will receive (1) free Mediumship class and (1) free reading from Yeyefini.

Make payments via paypal using or call Efunlayo at 954-612-0627 for other arrangements. When registering for classes please include your name, address, email address, phone number, and the class you are registering for.

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