Yeyefini Efunbolade, Yoruba priestess of Obatala has been providing spiritual counselling to women, men, families and couples seeking guidance and greater understanding of the many challenges they face for over forty years.
“Your one on one, one hour sessions with me, will help you address areas in your life where you have stumbled, gotten stuck or feel overwhelmed about where you are.  Through my guidance, you can develop the tools needed to discover the powerful person that you are.  Through my commitment as your spiritual coach, I will provide a respectful, confidential and safe space for you to explore your life and work to resolve any issues standing in your way.”
With your commitment to this process, I am confident you will discover that powerful ways to be successful already exist within you.  As a priestess and spiritual counsellor I have used this process for over forty years and have successfully helped many discover the healing power that resides within us all.  For more information, contact or 888 419-5848 to schedule an appointment.
For your convenience we recommend no less than three sessions.
1 hour session $97.00 or I offer packages as follows:  3 sessions @$240.00 or 5 sessions @ $400.00
“A Balanced Life Is A Source For Endless, Abundant Miracles When Mind, Matter, And Spirit Are Aligned”. ~Yeyefini Efunbolade