Readings 2017

Reading/ Spiritual Forecast of the year for 2017 conducted by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade on January 1, 2017


2017 Spiritual Forecast of the World  by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade

6 – 9 You are crazy or pretend to be crazy.

6- 5 ire

5 – 7 otonowa

6 – 9 kotojale

6 – 7 closed

  • This is a great year for leaders to prove their worth to their followers. Center yourselves so that you will be able to connect with what is required. So that your thoughts and intentions are in accord with your destiny.
  • Be mindful of explosions, fires, as well as tempers. Heat and fire are smoldering on different levels . Physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Leaders will be held accountable more than in the past.
  • Dramatic change and revolution are coming but calmness must prevail. Demonstrations in the street could create additional heated energy where it is not needed. Organize for peaceful movements and new strategies.
  • New leadership groups will be created.
  • People will be very vocal especially during the 6th month.
  • This is a # 1 year so look deep and develop a plan of your monthly intentions for personal and group goals financial and moral intentions or the universe will force it into your life.

We need personal goals to connect with the collective goals.

Recommended rituals  and ceremonies:

  • Universal meditations as a group.
  • Wear white often for peace .
  • Avoid wearing red on your head so you will remain cool.
  • Be careful of sun and heat stroke. Drink lots of water to hydrate
  • Offering to Songo monthly at your home or business place
  • Take care of your ori/head and shrine of Ori. Often head feedings with kola nut, fish. Coconut rogations etc
  • Give offerings to the energy of leadership.

2017 Spiritual Forecast for USA by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade

4 -6 The Orange is round but you have to cut it.

5- 5 ire

9 -8 ariku

6 -10 kotojale

4 -7 closed

  • Take care of your destiny. Hold on to what is yours by working to secure yourself in job, positions. Don’t assume that you are secure without having a balance with flow of nature/Orisa through often rituals to Ifa and ORI /Your head

R §  This is prosperity  odu and money is available so set your intentions towards receiving your share as you  develop a financial plan and do rituals.

  • Prepare for the unexpected. Develop confidence and clam so you can face fears that may arise.
  • Government scandals and takeovers will be attempted. Changing of rules.
  • Stay focused on what you want and what you want to achieve.

Number I vibration of 2017=10=1

This energy gives you the push to set new expectations and new gains so go with the universal flow

  • Look into and investigate all situations deeply both the positive and the negative before getting involved in things because they may not be what they appear to be. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Look at what you have to lose.
  • Maintain a sense of humility regarding your abilities so as not to get ahead of yourself.
  • Good time to develop and enhance your skills with training and or collaboration with different people.
  • Be careful of electrical wiring and fires. Make sure loose wires are grounded.
  • There will be a new discovery from digging in the ocean bringing new adventure and solutions for fuel as well as foods.
  • This is a good year for investing in land.
  • Connect with your ancestry and cultural heritage for grounding and foundation for yourself.

Recommended rituals and ceremonies:

  • Feed Ifa every 5 days and make sacrifice.
  • Clean yourself off with a pumpkin for financial blessings.

Take the pumpkin and rub over you or look into the rituals I have posted on YouTube for financial abundance

  • Open doors and windows in your home periodically to let the air flow  and allow new perceptions can come.


Spiritual Forecast for 2017 for Africans in the Diaspora by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade

4 – 10 A braggart, be careful of treachery. Give thanks to Obatala.

6-8 osogbo

6 8 tia tia/bickering

5 -7 otonowa

11 – 7 closed

Words for the year: Organize. Humility. Unity.
Stay focused calm and humble allow the spirits of the ancestors to influence your decision making by drawing closer to them through ceremony and rituals.
Leaders in the Diaspora will be successful and have greater influence if they communicate and quietly organize, share and collaborate with each other towards a common goal.
Teach and learn other languages as a way to broaden and expand cultural knowledge.

Travel and expose your children to the heritage of their ancestors.

Women can achieve much by bringing back traditional family values.
Be grateful not to through away what does not look valuable because it is not popular.
Review your Root’s reading or receive one to reconnect with your family’s legacy for empowerment, generational healing
Be mindful of entanglements that involve gossip.
Don’t go into family relationships with illusions (marriages, etc.) Get clarity through counseling, advise, spiritual forecasts etc. to avoid being in a state of illusion it could be devastating to the point of you loosing everything.

Recommended rituals and ceremonies:

Honor the ancestors with ritual and ceremony.
Receive your roots reading to reconnect with your family’s legacy for empowerment.
Do often ceremonies to Obatala to keep the Diaspora leaders humble, open and compassionate in dealing with each other.
Give offerings to Egbe.(Your celestial clan)