The presidential election of November 2016 I think caught some people by surprise. I try not to get involved in politics, however this election brought some important perspective to me as to the importance of realizing that bigotry, sexism, prejudice and injustice is still prevalent in what we thought was “The American Dream”
One would think that after 400 years after the emancipation of slavery that things would have changed for the better for the poor, people of color and those who seek mutual respect and coexistence in these United States. When I periodically watch the news or read about the surprising and alarming rate in which violence is being raged against people of African descent I am forced to ask myself “Why is this still happening ”
Why do victims of violent crimes by the police still have to prove themselves innocent under the law instead of proving themselves not guilty. As a grandmother of African descent I am concerned as to what will we leave as a legacy to the future generations of brown and black children. I realize that until the African in the diaspora knows the importance of looking to their culture, embracing tradition and heritage of their ancestors for solutions; they are at a risk of continuing to be the victims of a racist, intolerant violent society which was built by the enslavement subjugation and oppression of people of Africa.
It’s time to come home, dispel the myth about Africa and witness the amazing heritage still in tact and ready for you to reconnect, contribute to your ancestral heritage legacy and glorious race.
Be a part of the wave of new opportunity for cultural and financial investments in the worlds richest continent. Africa is for many the “Sleeping Giant” when it comes to land, agriculture, minerals and mental ingenuity.
I invite you to join me throughout the year 2017 as I join the Ooni in launching Ile Ife as a cultural tourist center. Become a part of the fast growing annual, cultural, historical and religious pilgrimages in Ile-Ife the Source according to the Yoruba people as the birth place of mankind and civilization.
Here are the tentative monthly schedules to help you plan ahead.

Jan – Oshoosi/ Obatala Festival,
Feb – Aje festival. March – Oranmiyan Festival.
Apr -Olokun Festival.
May – Osara Festival.
Jun – Orunmila/Ifa festival.
Jul – Ooyelagbo festival.
Aug – OSHUN OSOGBO FESTIVAL also Elesinje/Osanyin festival.
September – Olojo festival.
Oct – Edi/Moremi festival.
Nov – Oramfe/ Sango festival.
Dec – Oduduwa and Obalufon festival.

There are also academic programs available for those interested in personal spiritual initiations, those who want to perhaps enhance their training, invest in cultural,spiritual education or financial investment and business growth. The time is ripe to come back to Africa to be the change you want to see. ” The only people to save black people are black people”
I look forward to hearing from you, seeing you under the African sky as I assist you in ” Coming Back Home”
To the rich heritage of Oduduwa the father of all the Yoruba people
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