Spiritual Life

Spiritual life coaching is a holistic approach to total wellness that utilizes spiritual consultations and mentoring.


As a cultural consultant, Yeyefini provides her clients with a comprehensive source of culturally relevant information for their unique needs.


Yeyefini helps individuals reach holistic wellness – emotional, mental, physical and financial – through life coaching.

Ministerial Services

Yeyefini also performs wedding ceremonies. She combines her vast knowledge of ancient African philosophy with the needs and desires of modern-day couples.

Our mission

is to inspire, educate, motivate, and lovingly contribute to the healing of the world by sharing our passion and love of spirit, mind, and body.

Yeyefini Efunbolade is a charismatic woman who has brought joy and meaning to lives of thousands of people.

Efunbolade is a spiritual coach, priestess, cultural consultant, author, lecturer life coach and President of Yeyefini.com/Balanced Living Inc. She was ordained as a Yoruba/Ifa/Lukumi Priest in 1971, teaches and performs rituals and ceremonies in the West African tradition. She organizes and hosts spiritual retreats and pilgrimages throughout the United States, Caribbean and the world through the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge (IIASK), and Yeyefini.com – Balanced Living which she founded.


Readings with Yeyefini will discontinue Online unitl February 21st, 2017. Please call in to schedule a reading.

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“It is better to live a perfectly imperfect life than to live someone else’s perfect life.”

“He who is to be what he aught to be, must stop being what he is. “Muster Eckart””

“I am the hero of my own story.”

“The universe will only support you in your truth, not in your pretense.”

“What you focus on expands.”

“Despair is when you think tomorrow is just a carbon copy of today.”

“It takes suffering to remind us of our blessings.”

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Blessed new day my friends.
This year there is a vibration call for for Unity Peace and Harmony on the planet and in the world.
As a divining and practicing priestess over the past 46 years I have conducted an Annual Spiritual Forecast for the World, USA and the Diaspora. The recommendations from the Diaspora Consultation on January 1, 2017 is for each community to conduct a monthly honoring ceremony to the ancestors.
I was able to see the benefits and receive personal blessings and witness community blessings both at the ceremony that I was a part of in both Ghana and Nigeria these past 2 months
Doors were opened for unbelievable community blessings.
As a way of doing my part in "Being the Change I want To See" I am inviting you to join us globally in participating in a monthly community Ancestral Ceremony for Peace and Harmony in the World" These ceremonies can be conducted in your own cities on the Third Sunday of every month for the entire year of 2017. February 19, 2017. (Our ceremony will be held at 2:00 PM in Dania Beach Florida)
I am asking you to join me wherever you are in your cities, neighborhoods, community to come together as a global voice to "Be the Change We all Want to See" as we heal ourselves and the World.
Over the years I have conducted this type of ceremonies in many countries around the world as a part of my life's work and commitment to honoring African ancestral heritage and bringing about healing through the use of ancient healing tools. The ceremony is very powerful.
The way I have done it before is to place containers of fresh water, cooked food items, fruits and flowers as a gift to the ancestors, on a table or on a sacred demarcated place on the earth. Participants may bring the photos and or names of some of their deceased relatives or friends and are held in your arms as we call their names, pour libation, pray, sing, speak about, drum and dance in thanksgiving
At the service their can be a community intention that is stated and set and is kept in each person's spirit in honoring and witnessing the ancestors joy.
As the days and weeks unfold you will see the generosity of spirit and the grace of God reveal itself.
If you would like any further information on conducting these ceremonies in your own communities please feel free to give me a call or send me an email
Yeyefini@bellsouth.net or call me at
For more info on the different Forecast 2017 please go to. www.Yeyefini.com
Again I thank you
Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade
President and Director of
IIASK .Inc and Yeyefini.com
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