Spiritual Life

Spiritual life coaching is a holistic approach to total wellness that utilizes spiritual consultations and mentoring.


As a cultural consultant, Yeyefini provides her clients with a comprehensive source of culturally relevant information for their unique needs.


Yeyefini helps individuals reach holistic wellness – emotional, mental, physical and financial – through life coaching.

Ministerial Services

Yeyefini also performs wedding ceremonies. She combines her vast knowledge of ancient African philosophy with the needs and desires of modern-day couples.

Our mission

is to inspire, educate, motivate, and lovingly contribute to the healing of the world by sharing our passion and love of spirit, mind, and body.

Yeyefini Efunbolade is a charismatic woman who has brought joy and meaning to lives of thousands of people.

Efunbolade is a spiritual coach, priestess, cultural consultant, author, lecturer life coach and President of Yeyefini.com/Balanced Living Inc. She was ordained as a Yoruba/Ifa/Lukumi Priest in 1971, teaches and performs rituals and ceremonies in the West African tradition. She organizes and hosts spiritual retreats and pilgrimages throughout the United States, Caribbean and the world through the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge (IIASK), and Yeyefini.com – Balanced Living which she founded.


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Upcoming Events

  1. Self Empowerment Classes

    July 14 - July 18
  2. Mediumship Training 2016-17

    November 20 - November 21



“It is better to live a perfectly imperfect life than to live someone else’s perfect life.”

“He who is to be what he aught to be, must stop being what he is. “Muster Eckart””

“I am the hero of my own story.”

“The universe will only support you in your truth, not in your pretense.”

“What you focus on expands.”

“Despair is when you think tomorrow is just a carbon copy of today.”

“It takes suffering to remind us of our blessings.”

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It's indeed a pleasure and honor to be at the Duran Arena and address this spectacular event. The title of Iyalode (Queen Mother) of the United States of America which was bestowed on me more than 28 years ago by our beloved late Ooni of Ile Ife Nigeria Olubuse Sijuwade gives me the pride and permission to speak on behalf of our illustrious ancestors from Africa and around the world
This month I returned to the Republic of Panama to honor in ceremony and celebration, the ancestors who lived in Panama before the transatlantic slave trade, those brought to the Caribbean during the slave trade and special homage and respect to the ancestors who died during the building of the Panama Canal
I dedicate this event to the children of Panama who will be our future leaders. I am committed to do all that I am
requested to do in anyway possible to enhance the racial pride by giving information of the history, rich heritage which they are descended from
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All things African in Panama for the Annual African Celebrations the entire month of May. Fashion, Art, Spirituality, Food and Family

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I went to Avenida Central in Panama City ..... look what I found 👀

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I started my all raw semi juicing detox on May 1, and today I take it to the next level with my childhood friend and colleague @arislife_ @drarislatham here in Panama. We have been journeying as loving and respectful friends in B'klyn, Jamaica 🇯🇲,Florida and now back to Panama. Thanks for your support for the next 60 days as I am juicing, detoxing, feeding my cells and shifting perspectives and perceptions of myself. I am looking forward to the evolution of the next phase of my mind, body and spirit.
What a beautiful place to continue the journey. Thank you my dear friend @arislife_ Respect due!!!
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Ecstasy is being at the beach, seawater bathing your feet and rain falling on you ..while eating a delicious Panamanian calidad mango ...have an ecstatic day my friend ....remember that heaven is on earth 😇 ... See MoreSee Less

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