Our mission at Yeyefini.com/ Balanced Living Inc., is to inspire, educate, motivate, and lovingly
contribute to the healing of the world by sharing our passion and love of spirit, mind, and body.

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yeyekidsYeyefini Efunbolade is a charismatic woman who has brought joy and meaning to lives of thousands of people. Efunbolade is a spiritual coach, priestess, cultural consultant, author, lecturer life coach and President of Yeyefini.com/Balanced Living Inc. She was ordained as a Yoruba/Ifa/Lukumi Priest in 1971, teaches and performs rituals and ceremonies in the West African tradition. She organizes and hosts spiritual retreats and pilgrimages throughout the United States, Caribbean and the world through the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge (IIASK), and Yeyefini.com – Balanced Living which she founded.


Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching is a holistic approach to total wellness that utilizes spiritual consultations and mentoring.

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Cultural Consultant

As a cultural consultant, Yeyefini provides her clients with a comprehensive source of culturally relevant information for their unique needs.

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Life Coaching

Yeyefini helps individuals reach holistic wellness – emotional, mental, physical and financial – through life coaching.

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African Ministerial Services

Yeyefini also performs wedding ceremonies. She combines her vast knowledge of ancient African philosophy with the needs and desires of modern-day couples.

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Affirmation: Longing for the past is fear of the future. When there is unfulfilled longing for the past; regrets of missed opportunities, and inability to overcome grief of a loved one, it creates a blocked mental state.

Cleansing bath: Make a bath of honeysuckle flowers, 5 roses, 5 tablespoons honey, 1⁄2 cup dried/fresh lavender flowers. Continually say your affirmation as you prepare and during your bath.

*Household guide for Yoruba Spiritual Wellness